I've decided to join the 12349827348045 other artist and setup up a Patreon page. Its a great way to keep up with me for a minimum free and you get some exclusive shit you wouldnt anywhere else! Check out the link for details:

No more Facebook

facebook is a sewer.  there will be no more GG facebook page after the holidays.  you can keep up with what i have going on here on my site or on instagram.  art will be very slow, as my desire to create other peoples ideas is dwindling.  you may see more of my own ideas come to light when im not binge drinking whiskey or eating ass. hail godzilla.

Support Cartoon Violence Stickers and SALE!!

Support Cartoon Violence stickers are on their way! they should be here very soon!! each sticker will be 2$ a pop! 1$ shipped inside the usa and 2$ shipped world!!! Check the link below to buy!!!

Gruesome Graphx Big Cartel

Also ALL MY FINISHED ART is currently on sale, 50% off!! thats right, HALF OFF the listed price!! get in touch if you are interested!!

Also look for some incredible news soon, specifically for you sofubi freaks! :)


they basically made me delete my fb profile since i was using it as a "business" and not posting pictures of food or buildings.  please go here to to get in touch via Facebook!



Tits, Corpses, and logos....oh mai

If you told me 14 years ago my art would be featured in a porno mag i would have lol'd pretty hard. So today, I start laughing. My art will be featured in Girls and Corpses Magazine! Go buy a copy and enjoy some girls and gore!! Many thanks to the zine for the amazing opportunity! Make sure to pick up the latest issue here!

I will ALSO be feature in Mark Riddick's new logo book, "Logos from Hell"!! There are some incredible artists in this book and a fuck ton of logos.  No info on pricing yet but stay tuned to here and Dementia Records for info!!







Welcome to

After 13 years pf screwing around on myspace and Facebook I have finally evolved to a website.  Trying to keep it barebones for the moment as I am fairly new to this.  Please feel free to check out all my work here as well as follow me on instagram, tumblr, Facebook and even spotify. Please get in touch if you and your band are seeking art!!